Following our launch we drop a deeper look into our accessories line, this time with our Pinball sleeve and Skyland sleeve. They are sure to be a worthy addition to your collectibles. Also look out for the black color way! Now on order @


Here is a detailed look @ our SPACEMATIC BACKPACK. Combining a more contemporary approach to the backpack laptop bag, with a bunch of technical features. We designed this bag keeping all you city slickers in mind. With its sleek look its bound to impact your everyday lives!

It’s the end of summer again! The end of simple pleasures we get with hot weather – no more bikinis & mini skirts! – No more late night just hangin out smokin & drinking… Which means it’s that time again… Back to freakin school! This season we grouped up a bunch of special characters and took them to Montreal! City of French women, late night parties and 18 year legal drinkin age to give you our first look at our


Needing a change from working so many years restrained, K (Karen Wong) the designer figured it was time to leave her mark on the industry. Having received her Masters degree from London’s Central St. Martins College of Art & Design and having worked in the industry she began to set the wheels in motion and developed Three Thirds. Being fascinated by functionality, obsessed with quality and passionate about fashion she combined the 3 and conceived a collection of premium lifestyle bags & cases.